1. A business method and mindset to transform multigenerational challenges into intergenerational collaboration and success.

“Our innovation and team success are rooted in our Gentelligence”

2. Inclusively leveraging diverse skills, talents, abilities, and experience among different age groups.

“Gentelligence enabled our teams to do and be their best leveraging the Power of the Ages”

3. A success factor for recruitment and retention of employees

“I was attracted to a company with Gentelligence to help me develop and succeed”

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A business training program for organizations to elevate their intergenerational workforce

Gentelligence is a business strategy and practical method for leaders to win the talent war and create strong, diverse, and high-performing teams that flourish in an era of rapid change.

Gentelligent Solution

Challenge: Generational conflict, competition & miscommunication
Solution: Replacing generational stereotypes with in-depth understanding to leverage intergenerational diversity of thought

Challenge: Dysfunctional & underperforming multigenerational teams
Solution: Highly functioning intergenerational teams with mutual trust and productive collaboration

Challenge: Organizational and leadership power struggles
Solution: Ability to create shared leadership empowering all generations

Challenge: Problems attracting, engaging, and retaining different generations of talent
Solution: Externally highly regarded across generations as an “Employer of Choice”

Challenge: Legal & reputational exposure to real or perceived age discrimination
Solution: Creating organizational cultures of intergenerational inclusion

Challenge: The Future of Work
Solution: Tapping diverse cognitive power to create innovative solutions and the ability to adapt to change.

A Business Friendly Business Imperative

The Gentelligence Method seamlessly integrates into your existing leadership, management, and team development applications.

Your managers are critical to leveraging the Gentelligence Method, which is tied to their team’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the individual’s Key Development Indicators (KDI).

The Gentelligence Method

More than a training program, this is a learning path

The Gentelligence Method goes beyond basic awareness. It gives you the knowledge, tools and practical strategies to fully leverage your people for high levels of collaboration, communication and high-performance results.

Awareness & Education

Personalized Tools

Practical Application

Real-World Strategies

Individual Assessments

Alignment with Existing Training

Community & Cohort Groups

Coaching & Support

The Result: A Gentelligent individual, team and organization that succeeds with the full Power of the Ages.

What we offer:


1-hr high-impact presentation to bring intergenerational awareness to your organization.


Half-day interactive sessions to create group engagement & begin applying Gentelligence to their work.

Mastering the Method

For managers & teams looking to master and apply the Gentelligence method, this 2-3 day intensive training experience provides mastery of the Gentelligence Method as well as practical tools and templates.


A Train-the-Trainer 5 -6 day experience designed for HR professionals, people managers, and DEI experts ready to teach the Gentelligence Method to those in their organization.

Connect, Subscribe & Receive:

  • A Free copy of The Four Practices of Gentelligence
  • Newsletter with Gentelligent methods and insights
  • Updates on new offerings from the Gentelligence Group

Gentelligence is being talked about

Based on the highly acclaimed book:


The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Readers interested in business and personnel management, organizational development, human resources, and leadership will find this timely, relevant book good for both reading straight through and consulting as a reference for supporting intergenerational workforce cultures and needs.
– Booklist, May 2021

This book is the “how to” manual on navigating an intergenerational workforce, complete with lessons to tap all it has to offer. Gentelligence is indeed the future of work.
– Andrew Goldstein, managing director, Willis Towers Watson

As a Millennial who has led teams and consulted for senior leaders from each generation in the workforce, I found Gentelligence to be one of the most practical and thought-provoking books on leadership I have ever read.
– KaLeena Thomas, Consultant, The Resource Group

With research, stories, and innovative modern methods, Megan Gerhardt’s Gentelligence will show you how a multigenerational workforce can be transformed into an intergenerational powerhouse.

  • Where generational conflict originates, resulting in both dangerous ageism and reverse ageism.
  • Why the generation gap stems from a misunderstanding of shared core values across all generations.
  • How generational shaming leads us to view other generations as competitors damaging team dynamics, innovation, and organizational culture.
  • How new leadership approaches can make sense of changing norms around authority and power.

Fostering an environment of respect, inclusion, open communication, and freedom to create and implement ideas will help organizations capitalize on their generation’s diverse cognitive power.

– Ryan Jenkins, Inc. Magazine

Gentelligence Leadership

The Gentelligence Group is a consulting coalition committed to building business training for organizations to elevate their Intergenerational workforce for business success.